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Recent History of the Elms Medical Centre

The Park Road Group Practice has developed out of a longstanding practice originally based at 363 Park Road and dating well back to the beginning of the NHS, with past principals including Dr Bolger and Dr Hughes. Dr Godfrey Yates took over the practice in partnership with his wife, Muriel, more than 35 years ago. Dr Len Ratoff soon joined them and together they created a forward thinking group involved in GP education and founded on the first multidisciplinary teams.

In 1985 both Drs Yates were approaching retirement and they recruited Dr John Hussey and later Dr Denis O'Brien to replace them. By the time Dr Ratoff retired in 1990 the practice had taken over the lists of 2 local single-handed doctors (Drs Canter and Macken) and had outgrown the Park Road premises.

The Elms Medical Centre was conceived and opened in 1989. Since then the partnership has grown and diversified to respond to the changing face and requirements of modern general practice. Partners have come and gone for career and family reasons.

The Elms is a group practice, which means you can consult with the doctor of your choice, we do however prefer patients to see the same doctor whenever possible to ensure continuity of care.If one of the doctors is unavailable, maybe due to holidays or meetings the other doctors at the practice will normally cover for them.

GP Registrar

From time to time a Registrar GP may see you. He/she will be a fully trained doctor who has chosen General Practice as their career. They seek to gain valuable experience from being based at The Elms, you may be asked to consent to a registrar videoing your consultation; this is for training purpose and will be viewed by the registrar and their trainer. Videoing will be applicable to verbal consultations only. Likewise you may also be asked to allow a medical student to sit in during your consultation with a GP, you are under no obligation to agree, but the experience will be of great value to the student.

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